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Author: Dash Eclipse <dash@ezup.dev>
Date:   Sun,  4 Oct 2020 22:35:23 +0000

Update ezup/gen-repoinfo.sh

Mezup/gen-repoinfo.sh | 17++++++++---------
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diff --git a/ezup/gen-repoinfo.sh b/ezup/gen-repoinfo.sh @@ -26,19 +26,12 @@ git clone <a href="git://ezup.dev/void-packages.git">git://ezup.dev/void-package <b>How to Use</b> <b>----------</b> -Generally if you find something in this repository might be useful to you, -you should check related package template in my void-packages git repository, -build it by yourself and optionally host it in your own repository. - -Some packages from official Void Linux repository may be replaced by the one -from this repo if you use it directly, but if you really want to, here is the -way: - 1. Copy the main repository configuration file to /etc/xbps.d # cp /usr/share/xbps.d/00-repository-main.conf /etc/xbps.d/00-repository-main.conf -2. Insert corresponding repository at the beginning of 00-repository-main.conf +2. To get packages which only includes in this repository, + add corresponding repository after your main repository # for x86_64-musl, armv7l-musl repository=<a href="https://ezup.dev/repo/voidlinux/current/musl" target="_blank">https://ezup.dev/repo/voidlinux/current/musl</a> @@ -50,6 +43,12 @@ way: # xbps-install -S [PKG...] +WARNING: You can replace a package from your main repository with the one +which has the same name from this repository by insert this repository at the +beginning of your repository configuration, but you will risking some of other +packages also be replaced. I would recommend you to check related package +template, build it by yourself and optionally self-host your own repository. + <b>Packages</b> <b>--------</b>