6796 5F30 7B11 0019 6914  61A1 2463 834F FD2C BDBB  [DL]

I use the encryption subkey and signing subkey to encrypt and sign my emails,
and sign git commits with the signing subkey.

pub   rsa4096 2020-06-21 [C] [expires: 2050-06-14]
uid           [ultimate] Dash Eclipse <dashezup@disroot.org>
sub   rsa4096 2022-03-13 [S] [expires: 2023-03-13]
sub   rsa4096 2022-03-13 [E] [expires: 2023-03-13]

1084 CEB0 AFC0 F003 132F  8F60 4802 C6B3 7F40 927D  [DL]

The key I use on ProtonMail, you may encrypt your emails with this key
when you send emails from non-ProtonMail services to my ProtonMail address.

pub   rsa2048 2020-06-17 [SC]
uid           dashezup@protonmail.com <dashezup@protonmail.com>
sub   rsa2048 2020-06-17 [E]
About Dash Eclipse

Dash Eclipse is an open source enthusiast.

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Editors:           Vim, GNU Emacs
OS:                Void Linux (musl), Hackintosh
Keyboard Layouts:  Programmer Dvorak, Right-handed Dvorak, Sangaline
Browser:           Firefox, Chromium
Password manager:  pass
Accounting:        ledger

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